pc map Fun Editor Test

Journey map by Kazox_Ulfr (2018-04-01)

Far Cry Arcade Website link: https://far-cry-arcade.ubi.com/pc/map/5ac047db94a9bb3280f25f91
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See below for a list of objects in the map, ordered by decreasing memory budget cost. Note that the actual list may differ, if the map got updated:

counting 199 objects, spanning 129 different archetypes.

Basic Follower Assaulter Female src111370445 💰
Basic Follower Berserker Female src212370444 💰
Basic Follower Berserker Female src5313370444 💰
Overdrive Follower Berserker Male src2111365808 💰
Prisoner Follower Assaulter Female src3111363421 💰
Badass Follower Assaulter Female src4111362296 💰
Badass Follower Assaulter Female src111362296 💰
Badass Follower Berserker Female src111362296 💰
Basic Follower Assaulter Male src111362070 💰
Basic Follower Assaulter Male src5313362070 💰
Basic Follower Berserker Male src111362069 💰
Basic Follower Berserker Male src5313362069 💰
Cult Follower Berserker African American Female src111357715 💰
Cult Follower Assaulter African American Male src111357586 💰
Cult Follower Assaulter Female src111355359 💰
Badass Follower Assaulter Male src4111355046 💰
Badass Follower Assaulter Male src111355046 💰
Badass Follower Berserker Male src111355045 💰
Badass Follower Berserker Male src4111355045 💰
Deer Season Follower Assaulter Male src2111347724 💰
Deer Season Follower Berserker Male src2111347724 💰
Cult Follower Assaulter Male src111346989 💰
Speeder Follower Defender Female src3212310351 💰
Badass Follower Brawler Female src111304166 💰
Flight Crew Follower Defender Female src3111298521 💰
Deer Season Follower Defender Female src2111297771 💰
Overdrive Follower Defender Male src2111287813 💰
Speeder Follower Brawler Male src3212284572 💰
Speeder Follower Brawler Male src4111284572 💰
Speeder Follower Defender Male src3212282844 💰
Cowhand Follower Defender Male src111276241 💰
Cowhand Follower Defender Male src5111276241 💰
Cowhand Follower Brawler Male src111275916 💰
Cowhand Follower Brawler Male src5111275916 💰
Prisoner Follower Defender Male src3111274510 💰
Prisoner Follower Brawler Male src2111274185 💰
Badass Follower Defender Male src4313273174 💰
Badass Follower Brawler Male src4111272849 💰
Badass Follower Brawler Male src111272849 💰
Speeder Follower Rocket Female src4111211582 💰
Speeder Follower Rocket Female src2111211582 💰
Speeder Follower Sniper Female src2111211534 💰
Speeder Follower Pistolero Female src4111211390 💰
Overdrive Follower Rocket Female src3111210850 💰
Overdrive Follower Sniper Female src2111210803 💰
Essentials Follower Rocket Female src2212209672 💰
Basic Follower Rocket Female src5111200639 💰
Basic Follower Sniper Female src5111200592 💰
Prisoner Follower Rocket Female src2111198087 💰
Prisoner Follower Rocket Female src3111198087 💰
Prisoner Follower Sniper Female src3111198040 💰
Deer Season Follower Sniper Female src2111196539 💰
Badass Follower Pistolero Female src4111196141 💰
Flight Crew Follower Rocket Female src3111195081 💰
Flight Crew Follower Sniper Female src2111195034 💰
Flight Crew Follower Pistolero Female src3111194890 💰
Flight Crew Follower Pistolero Female src2111194890 💰
Cult Follower Sniper African American Female src3111194154 💰
Cult Follower Sniper African American Female src2111194154 💰
Essentials Follower Rocket Male src2111194026 💰
Cult Follower Pistolero African American Female src111194010 💰
Essentials Follower Sniper Male src2111193979 💰
Speeder Follower Rocket Male src2111186784 💰
Speeder Follower Sniper Male src2111186737 💰
Speeder Follower Pistolero Male src3212186592 💰
Cowhand Follower Rocket Male src111185829 💰
Cowhand Follower Sniper Male src111185781 💰
Cowhand Follower Pistolero Male src111185637 💰
Overdrive Follower Rocket Male src3111184093 💰
Overdrive Follower Sniper Male src2111184045 💰
Overdrive Follower Pistolero Male src3111183901 💰
Cult Follower Rocket Female src2414183714 💰
Cult Follower Rocket Female src3111183714 💰
Cult Follower Sniper Female src2313183667 💰
Cult Follower Sniper Female src3111183667 💰
Cult Follower Pistolero Female src111183522 💰
Cult Follower Sniper African American Male src2111178514 💰
Cult Follower Sniper African American Male src3111178514 💰
Cult Follower Pistolero African American Male src111178369 💰
Badass Follower Rocket Male src4313171708 💰
Badass Follower Pistolero Male src4111171516 💰
Flight Crew Follower Rocket Male src2111170185 💰
Flight Crew Follower Pistolero Male src3111169994 💰
Flight Crew Follower Pistolero Male src2111169994 💰
Deer Season Follower Sniper Male src2111169805 💰
Prisoner Follower Rocket Male src2111166351 💰
Prisoner Follower Rocket Male src3111166351 💰
Prisoner Follower Sniper Male src2111166304 💰
Prisoner Follower Pistolero Male src3111166159 💰
Cult Follower Sniper Male src3111156910 💰
Cult Follower Sniper Male src2111156910 💰
Cult Follower Pistolero Male src111156766 💰
Ammo Pile src21273324 💰
Barrel Explosive src1911972874 💰
Ammo Explosive Pickup src41425020 💰
Pipe Bomb src11121101 💰
M60 src11113319 💰
M249 src11113277 💰
M-79 src11113101 💰
AR-C L src11113056 💰
SPAS-12 src11112957 💰
RPG7 Modern src11112776 💰
RAT4 src11112571 💰
Compound Bow src11112565 💰
MBP .50 src11112322 💰
SA-50 src11112172 💰
Medkit src81811997 💰
Proximity Mine src11111884 💰
Remote Explosive src11111882 💰
Grenade src11111753 💰
Mortar src21211683 💰
Ammo Special Armor Piercing Pickup src41410603 💰
Smoke Grenade src11110451 💰
Ammo Pickup src41410429 💰
Dynamite src1117934 💰
Ammo Heavy Pickup src4147928 💰
Molotov src1116994 💰
Arrow Bundle Pickup src4146768 💰
M2 .50 src2125680 💰
Body Armor src4144224 💰
Ammo Special Pickup src4143727 💰
Throwing Knife src1112725 💰
No thumbnailTerritory - 198 1110 💰
No thumbnailDefend - 197 1110 💰
No thumbnailAlpine 1110 💰
Objective Marker src1110 💰
No thumbnailExtraction Zone 1110 💰
Spawn Point src1110 💰
No thumbnailCirrus 03 1110 💰
Totals199199 / 700023086384