xone map Kill the seeds

Assault map by Baby Yoda8017

Far Cry Arcade Website link: https://far-cry-arcade.ubi.com/xone/map/60d18d3e820f2331d01ed455
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See below for a list of objects in the map, ordered by decreasing memory budget cost. Note that the actual list may differ, if the map got updated:

counting 216 objects, spanning 18 different archetypes.

Church Cult Furnished 1219219913133 💰
Badass Follower Assaulter Female src344144362296 💰
Aviator Security Assaulter Male src244144346823 💰
Aviator Resistant Assaulter Male src15115319269 💰
Joseph Seed src3111252817 💰
Chosen Defender src818251435 💰
Angel Hammer Female src445145239732 💰
Angel Hammer Female src545145239732 💰
John Seed src2111238612 💰
Jacob Seed src11198440 💰
Attack Dog src11131151 💰
Dog src31327144 💰
Candelabra Church Lit src1118532 💰
Cross Lit src1112768 💰
Cross Unlit src1112767 💰
No thumbnailTerritory - 215 1110 💰
No thumbnailDefend - 214 1110 💰
Spawn Point src2120 💰