xone map BONUS

Assault map by SKC BISMARCK

Far Cry Arcade Website link: https://far-cry-arcade.ubi.com/xone/map/60cb819a820f2317ccd45276
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See below for a list of objects in the map, ordered by decreasing memory budget cost. Note that the actual list may differ, if the map got updated:

counting 616 objects, spanning 19 different archetypes.

Scout Security Assaulter Male src254154370009 💰
Scout Security Assaulter Male src10110370009 💰
Scout Security Berserker Male src238138363516 💰
Cult Security Heavy Gunner Male src818257269 💰
Cult Security Heavy Gunner Male src250150257269 💰
Scout Security Heavy Flammer Male src211111205495 💰
Scout Security Pistolero Male src239139175266 💰
Scout Security Pistolero Male src616175266 💰
Propane Tank Small src122112258207 💰
Medkit src192119211997 💰
M2 .50 src1115680 💰
Wall Thick 400x800x40 src75175714 💰
Wall Thick 200x800x40 src111713 💰
Wall Thick 500x100x40 src414713 💰
No thumbnailDesert 1110 💰
Spawn Point src1110 💰
No thumbnailBig Sky 01 1110 💰
No thumbnailTerritory - 23 1110 💰
No thumbnailDefend - 22 1110 💰